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BODILY INJURY is one of the mandatory coverages required by law to operate a motor vehicle on a public highway.

This coverage is injury you do to another person in another vehicle or pedestrian   These limits are available many combinations of coverage.  The minimum limits required in NC are $30,000 per person / $60,000 per accident.  What this means is if you have an accident and injure 1 other person - in the other car or  a pedestrian, that person can collect from your insurance policy up to $30,000 for their medical and related charges. (With the high price medical expenses now, you better hope they aren't badly injured.)  If more than one person is injured, the most your whole policy will pay is $60,000 for their medical expenses. (YIKES!)

PROPERTY DAMAGE is another mandatory coverage.  This is one is pretty self-explanatory.  It's to cover the damage you do to property belonging to someone else.  This could be a motor vehicle, building, fence, telephone pole, guard rail, etc.  The minimum required in NC is $25,000 which is not enough when you consider the cost of most new cars or trucks on the road.  Again, this limit can be increased to protect you more adequately.